​​Equine Assisted​ Learning is helpful for anyone that is struggling to resolve issues.  

​Unlike smaller therapy animals like dogs and cats, these gentle giants have a calming effect that’s magnified by their size and empathy. Horses are herd animals known for attuning themselves to human emotion, often reflecting the behaviours of those around them. For people building confidence, working around animals that loom over them can help improve self-esteem, encourage taking control, and addresses fears they feel are bigger than them.​​

Who Can Benefit From Equine Assisted Learning?

What is Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) ?

​​Equine Assisted Learning 

​​Equine Assisted​ Learning is an experiential learning program utilizing horses for social and emotional growth as well as helping clients process emotions associated with Stress, Anxiety, Fear, Boundary Issues. 

Equinity Stables is available primarily to Cancer patients, their caregivers and families as well as at risk youth. 

**  All clients are considered and should call for a personal intake.  Fees may apply for programs.

Who is eligible to go to Equinity Stables ?

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Why Horses?